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My passion for healthy food

Kiss of Culture is a dream come true for me!


I’m the creator of these yummy live and raw dressings. I grew up eating cultured foods and was taught at an early age how to make them.

My Japanese mother, Eiko, came to the U.S. with Dad, brother and me, fully embracing the American Lifestyle. She was the best Betty Crocker around. Ask anyone that knew her. Thankfully though, she kept a few, very wise, Japanese traditions alive in our home.

I discovered how vital fermented veggies were to my digestive health and mental well being when I left home and branched out into the typical fast food diet. After coming full circle and reconnecting with these healing foods I realized how truly important they are for a happy, healthy, vibrant life.

Living on a farm helped me realize how important fresh produce is for my family's health and how it could be the foundation of my unique probiotic dressings. My vision is to help mainstream fermented vegetables into the American Culture. My life motto—“KISS”…. Keep It Simple Sunshine—has led me to this love affair of creating live, raw and clean dressings. They are packed full of live cultures and handcrafted with time-tested fermented vegetables. Simply Delicious!

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.


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Kiss of Culture Ann and Pete Knight - Kn
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